Generally the nature of an Acoustic Enclosure implies a specially designed unit to suit a specific installation or piece of equipment. Our Enclosures are purpose designed and assembled to suit every conceivable application.

Our large enclosures are built with lock together panelling systems using concealed cam locks to achieve air tight seals between the panels guaranteeing an aesthetic finish. This very strong self supporting structure eliminates the need for supporting steel work and reduces costs.

Smaller enclosures are either framed or frameless depending on the application. Pentapost frames are used where dismantling of the enclosure is required for service or access.

Our independently certified 100 mm panel has a transmission loss of Rw55dB and weighs less than 50kg/m2.
Enclosures for High Temperature and Corrosive environments are also available.


Reference Docs Download

E040C-EP50UF.pdf E060C-EP100UF.pdf
E061C-EP100UFSP.pdf E070C-CP50UF.pdf

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