Case Studies

Studio-1-Control-RoomHaving spent an undisclosed sum on a ‘conventional build’ studio facility constructed from double stud partitioning which failed to even come close to the desired acoustic performance, John Wheatley College were directed by their independent acoustic consultants to re-build the studio complex using a modular construction whose performance could be guaranteed. Allaway Acoustics were appointed on a turnkey basis to demolish the existing facilities and build the new studios from their IP100modular panel system.

Allaway were asked to meet stringent acoustic criteria on the project with a room-to-room sound reduction of Dw=60dB or better, ambient noise level of NR20 and mid-range RT of 0.5 sec for music rooms and 0.3 sec for vocal /voice-over booth.

Voice-over-Control-RoomRooms were constructed from high performance panels complete with: independent floating floors; crosstalk silencing; ultra-quiet vent system with speed-controllable purge option; oversize acoustic doors with low-profile thresholds to allow ease of access for wheelchairs and for movement of equipment; purpose-designed windows; variable lighting; interchangeable absorbent and reflective panels to vary room acoustics and provide ‘bright’ and ‘dead’ areas as required within each room.

The ‘Sound School’ at John Wheatley College was officially opened
in January 2003 by Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue). Since then, the facilities have been in use daily and are still a favourite tour stop-off for the College Principal when entertaining visitors and local dignitaries!

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