Music Practice Booths

Allaway’s modular panel system allows the formation of acoustically controlled environments for a multiplicity of applications – all without the constraints of messy conventional builders’ work.

The Allaway panel system is based on all-steel construction pre-formed panels which clip together to form completed rooms with the options of floating or independent floors to suit the application and acoustic requirements.

Panels are provided with a powder coated finish in a comprehensive range of RAL colours.

The total flexibility of Allaway’s modular panel system allows us to effectively build panels to suit the acoustical and dimensional requirement of any given application.

Ailaway “standard” panels provide a sound reduction performance rating of ~Rw40. Enhanced performance to achieve higher Transmission Loss is provided by a combination of additional mass layers, damping, alternative infill media and panel skin thickness; ‘Standard’ panel superficial mass is 23kg/m2.

Interna! ‘tuning’ of the rooms is provided by selection of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ (perforation above dado height) panels to achieve the desired Reverberation Time(RT). For Vocal Rooms, the RT is usually selected to be 0.55ec at mid frequencies. Further room enhancement can be achieved with the provision of absorptive or diffusive wail plaques.

For any acoustìcally controlled environment, it is crucial that all factors affecting performance are considered as early as possible at design stage, please Contact any of our sales engineers (all of whom are qualified Acoustics Engineers) for
expert sound advice.

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