Overall we have been delighted with the performance of the new studio suite.

As you know, the main studio control room/studio is used almost exclusively by the HNC students and the results they are getting are really impressive. The flexibility of acoustic provided by the movable panels has been very useful – particularity so for the recording of acoustic instruments.

Drum sounds too are very easy to achieve. This gives the students confidence from the outset and helps them to become more experimental in their approach rather than having to concentrate on getting the basic sounds right. Frequency response in all the rooms has proved to be commendably flat – no spikesno flutter from the main studio either which for a biggish room is unusual. The control room has required almost nothing in the way of tweaking – we don’t require any eq on the monitoring system at all which pleases me no end.

The little vocal booth is used for the recording of a talking newspaper service (self operated by a group of pensioners) and the shorter reverb time gives a very nice professional broadcast sound.

The finish has proved very durable – again a pleasant bonus. As you know every daytime slot is
filled and it all still looks very smart. The one or two minor teething issues re handles are resolved – thanks – and everything else has been fine from day one.

Probably the most important issue – that of attenuation – has been spectacularly successful. Not a single complaint from any other department- and considering that our NQ level classes are almost entirely filled with screaming Goths and Death Metallers this is very good – Result!!!.

As you know John Wheatley College is about to embark on a new build at Carntyne . We have been promised a further two broadcast type studios there and I have submitted a spec for these based on an Allaway Acoustic build. This I believe is being looked upon favourably by management and the architects- saves them having to think too much about it – they know it works – so hopefully that should be for the not too distant future.

Thanks again for the great service and continued support.
I look forward to dealing with you again soon.

Ronnie Wilson, Sound School