Rectangular, Circular, Bend, Cross Talk Attenuators

All our attenuators are made to order and the range of sizes and configurations is unlimited

Materials available include :- Pre-galvanizes steel, Stainless Steel, Marine grade Aluminium Alloy and plastics.

The most efficient and cost effective solutions are selected using bespoke design software.
Decorative and special protective finishes can be applied before dispatch.

Loose splitter’s are also available and various alternative infill materials can be used including recycled paper and natural materials such as hemp.

Reference Docs Download

A02E-rectangular.pdf A03E-horizontal-bend.pdf
A04E-vertical-bend.pdf A10D-splitters.pdf
A13D-cylindrical.pdf A18D-rect-circ-spigot.pdf
A19D-squircular.pdf A90A-installation.pdf

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