BBC Media City

The partial relocation of the BBC’s London staff and facilities to the exciting new development at Media City, Salford Quays was a major logistical undertaking. This was matched by the design and construction challenges posed by sheer scale and quality of the new development, not least of which were the noise control considerations for the centrepiece 250,000 sq ft studio block.

Following in-house development and independent testing at the local University’s facilities, Allaway won a major contract with contractor Rotary Northwest to supply and install £1.8m-worth of acoustic ducting. This high-specification system had to achieve extremely demanding sound transmission and absorption characteristics, necessary to deliver conditioned air to the studios at the requisite low noise levels. The contract value is a reflection of the size and complexity of the systems, which include all transitions, sets, and branches, as well as the attenuation and control dampers.

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